Positive Life Style Changes to Stop Snoring


When thinking of snoring cures, what come to mind first? Perhaps nasal strips, snoring pillow, or even CPAP machine? Well if those are the snoring cures that you can think off, you might not be really curing your snoring. Instead, you are just relieving your snoring problems, once you go off these snoring aides, your snoring will surely come back to haunt you.

Curing snoring in the form of over the counter products should be used solely for relieving only. You should never treat it as a permanent cure! Instead, try changing your lifestyle habits, this way you get natural, and permanent cure for your snoring. Don’t pay another dollar to upkeep your CPAP machine, or to refill your nasal strips!

Main reason we snore can be credited to a blocked nasal breathing pathway, and naturally we use our mouth instead. This is when the vibration to the soft palate caused by air intake using your mouth touches your tongue and thus causing the irritating sound of snoring. There are also times when our nasal breathing pathway is not blocked, but we continue to snore. This is when your tongue “accidentally” drop into your throat, effectively making you struggle with normal breathing.

Why and how positive life style change can help you stop snoring?

Positive life style changes can comes in the form of exercise, cutting off certain food, substances intake, or even your sleeping habits! Lets take a look at some of them.

Exercise! General exercise is important, to keep you fit and healthy as we all know. There are research that showed individual who have excess around their neck area tend to snore more often and more prominent than those who don’t. Why is that? It could be because they are really struggling to breathe at night because of the extra fats around their neck area, it might be choking them literally! Therefore, exercising consistently can have the benefit of removing these fats as well as improving your stamina, depending on what type of exercise you do.

There are also stop snoring exercises that are particularly aimed at curing snoring. These methods will exercise and work out those muscles in your mouth, this will help them stay at their natural healthy position at night even when you sleep, thus functioning like a mouth guard in itself! These exercises also helps improve your breathing, as these exercises were derived from techniques professional singers used to warm up their cords!

Generally speaking, eating or drinking anything that might clog up your system will increase your chances of snoring at night. Stay off full fat milk, drink skim milk, or low fat milk instead! This way your breathing pattern don’t get affected. Smoking or drinking alcohol excessively before bedtime also increases your chances of snoring. This is due to the relaxing nature of these substances, thus causing your muscles to relax too much to the point that it accidentally blocked off your breathing pathway. Sleeping habits also plays a role in snoring, sleeping consistently every night at the same time will help your circadian rhythm and tells your body to get into that mode of sleeping. Sleep on your side, not on your back too!

Learning how to change your life around will definitely help you to stop snoring. You can start by locating a relief, to ease off the pain it caused to you and those around you while you work on this positive life style change!

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