Clarity – The Power of Defining Your Life Style


Other Wise known as a lifestyle destination, life coaching assists you in gaining clarity around how you want to experience life. By having a clear understanding of what you want, it gives you something to focus on and work towards.

Having a clear picture on the lifestyle you desire kicks in to play all the laws of attraction. When you can envisaged your ideal live, knowing what it will feel like when you there it creates what’s called a future memory or Life Coaches often use it at the end of a session as a powerful feel good known as a future pace. Because the feel good future pace/ memory has been created, your mind does not know the difference between the memories of the past and memories of the future. If you have a strong vivid memory of the future you mind still sees it in the past. As a result your energy and vibrations put out that this event has already happened and thus the universe will play catch up to rectify the imbalance.

How to define your life style? Great question, I’m glad you asked. For me it took four years to define the lifestyle I wanted and another one to find a way for it to work. I began to look at what I was passionate about and what I loved doing and at the same time what I hated and didn’t enjoy. For five years I work in a different job every six months, much to my fathers unrest. Him being from the generation that believes when you have a good job you hold on to it. To give you a bit of back round on my life I had done carpentry for ten years and although I was skilled at my job and making good money there was little satisfaction and a lot of physical pain attached to the work. Over the next five years I worked in a boat shop, did construction estimation then Civil construction supervision then studied outdoor recreation, worked in outdoor education and adventure then on the Sydney harbour bridge as a climb leader.

One job at a time I learnt more about myself and the life style I so desired.

I wanted my life style to have a highly beneficial interaction with people including my family, I wanted a high degree of flexibility to allow me to be outdoors active and social, I wanted to be totally passionate about the thing I earn money from so that it doesn’t feel like work, I wanted to earn a good living to enjoy with and provide for my family and have a whole bunch of fun.

For me it took  four years to come to the understanding of what I wanted and then over the next year I was looking for way that I could tick all the boxes. Career was the focus as it  interweaved with the other parts of my live increasing my abilities to create my lifestyle on the whole.

I had narrowed it down to three… Life Coaching, Counselling and psychology through doing some research into all three I decided that Life coaching was the one that suited me and what I wanted the most. Having clarity of what I wanted, allowed me to make a decision, then the decision allowed me to put steps in place, moving me toward my dream lifestyle and my dream lifestyle toward me. Without clarity we have no direction, without direction we wander aimlessly through life being unfulfilled. I believe we are all here on the plane of existence called earth for a reason and purpose mine is to heal educate and empower people and that purpose is unique to me as is your purpose unique to you.

My Life and how I changed it for the benefit of others

My life wasn’t how I wanted it to be and I couldn’t work out how come. I have an amazing family, a great place to live in Cronulla which is south of Sydney on the beach, yet the “career thing” was still escaping me. I am a highly skilled carpenter, yet don’t enjoy the work. I love outdoor adventure and education yet it doesn’t give me the stability of life I want. I love brewing beer but not enough to do it day in and day out. So what now?

Life Coaching….. What’s that? Helping people with self development, Interesting…! I love people and I love self development, could this be for me? After doing some research on the topic I realized that if I became a life coach I could use what I have learned about humans already, from a lifetime of studying myself and others through mediums such as Christianity, yoga, Chinese medicine, physical therapy and general life.

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