Cinema ticket prices in Riyadh


Cinema ticket prices in Riyadh

Cinema ticket prices in Riyadh are suitable for all categories of Saudi society, whether these categories are average, below average or high, and Riyadh ticket prices vary from cinema to cinema, and we will present different prices in this article through the EGYPress website. Since Riyadh has the most luxurious international cinema, tourists come to watch and enjoy all international and local shows.

movie ticket prices in riyadh


The price of cinema tickets in Riyadh is estimated at 50 Saudi riyals, or about 11 US dollars, which can be used to enter the children’s hall and cinemas. As for the hall called Max Halls, the ticket price is about 70 Saudi riyals, or about 16 dollars.

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Types of cinemas in Riyadh

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was previously one of the countries that did not allow the presence of any cinema, but during the reign of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud the situation changed, and the Kingdom allowed the entry of cinemas and the opening of cinemas. ; So you find that there are very few cinemas and cinemas in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia; Because it was only allowed two years ago, this year: 2019

1- Riyadh Vox Cinemas
The cinema is located in Mark Riyadh shopping center which is located on the northern ring road in Al Aqiq area in Riyadh.
The price of the regular ticket at the time of entry is approximately: 50 Saudi riyals, and the price of the concession ticket: 60 Saudi riyals in advance.

This cinema operates globally because it is interested in showing some foreign films, especially from the United States.
2- VOX Cinemas Riyadh – Al Qasr Shopping Center
One of the most important cinemas in Riyadh is the Al Qasr Mall cinema near Sweden, which is a group of cinemas or large cinemas affiliated with the famous Fox Productions and Films, which is the second company operating in the region. This place is located in Saudi Arabia, many comfortable seats are allocated for visitors and spectators.
The ticket price for this cinema ranges from 50 riyals to 70 riyals.
This cinema can watch Arabic films, foreign films and cartoon films.
3- Vox Cinema Kingdom Center
This cinema is located on King Fahd International Road in Riyadh.
The regular ticket price is about 50 Saudi riyals.
As for VIP tickets, their price is estimated at 140 Saudi riyals, because they include all services and purchases for the cinema, and they have all the privileges.
It is dedicated to showcasing the most watched films in the Middle East, the Arab world and the world.
This cinema provides a hall dedicated to VIP clients and is equipped with the most convenient mode to assist individuals.
4- Vox Cinemas The Roof
It is a cinema within the global chain of “Fox” company spread in the city of Riyadh and the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is committed to standardizing prices to reach 50 Saudi riyals for children and adults.
This cinema is located in Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Street in Tabuk.

It is equipped with all means of safety and protection, and it has a large number of seats.
5- Cinema of the Red Sea Shopping Center
This cinema is located in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in the King Abdulaziz branch of Saudi Arabia.
The cinema will be held on the Jeddah beach.
Red Sea Mall cinema tickets are divided into the following three types:-
Regular ticket: 50 Saudi riyals Suitable tickets can be purchased for youth and children.
For VIP customers: tickets worth 75 riyals.
As for the last ticket: whether it is a golden ticket or a golden ticket, the price of that ticket reached 100 Saudi riyals.
It is committed to showing all new and exclusive films in all regions of the world, from Arab countries to Europe to the West.
The screen works with a very high resolution, and the hall is equipped with the latest ergonomic system.
6- Riyadh Park Cinema
The second theater and the second cinema opened in the Park Mall in Riyadh, and this theater was produced by the famous Fox company in this field.
There are four large screens in the exhibition hall, the first and second screens are working normally, while the third and fourth screens use high-quality technology, that is, IMAX technology.
The price of cinema tickets in Riyadh is about 50 riyals, and it was decided not to increase cinema prices in the future.
As for the price of the lobby for cooperation with Emax, the entry price is: 60 Saudi riyals.
Anyone can get one, two, or up to six tickets so that tickets can be sold legally on the black market.
Tickets can be purchased at the entrance or on Fox, the website for the company that designs the cinemas.

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Raising movie ticket prices in Riyadh

There is a lot of news about cinemas and cinemas that may increase entrance fees, and I said in some forums on social media that the price of a single entry ticket can reach 130 riyals, but the company responsible for these cinemas said that it will not allow this. For this reason, price increases are restricted.

These companies even said that when conditions improve and normal life returns to normal, stay away from the Corona virus, which will make the company profitable again. In addition, only VIP statuses can increase prices.

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Health criteria for entering the cinema

The Ministry of Entertainment’s instructions to take some precautions. Visitors must take some precautions to enter entertainment areas, including cinemas. Because the Covid-19 virus has become one of the viruses that permanently eliminate human life, protection and safety precautions must be taken for this purpose, these preventive measures include:

You should sit far from the person closest to you so that the people close to you do not get infected.
You must wear a mask and hand guard to go to the movies.
You should carry a disinfectant with you, clean the condom from time to time, and disinfect it with microorganisms.
The instructions on the cinema door must be followed when entering the venue.
Body temperature must be measured when entering the cinema to protect people in the cinema.
If you are tired, you can report.
For safety and protection purposes, all cinemas will strive to hold 50% of capacity.
You should bring a certain number or a small number of family members to avoid the increased risk of contracting this spreading virus.
After watching the movie, you should throw any consumables in the trash, such as tissues, masks or other foods.

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So far we have learned about movie ticket prices in Riyadh Park, ticket prices for Fox Studios Riyadh, Fox Studios Al Qasr Mall, Fox Rooftop Studios, and Red Sea Mall, and we look forward to your comments.

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